Street Wrap Your Vehicle with a Hot New AutoChameleon SlickSkin!

The Vehicle Wrap Experts at Autochameleon have added a complete line of Specialty films:

Vehicle Wrap
SlickSkin wraps are adhesive backed cast vinyl films that are applied to vehicles in order to alter the appearance without painting. We use the latest 3M cast v3 vehicle wrapping film with a matte over laminate to protect your investment while giving your car the unique look you desire. Wraps are removable and preserve the quality of the vehicle’s factory paint.

One of the coolest looks in the SlickSkin group is Matte Black, which is inspired by the sleek, stealth look of military fighter jets. Many high end cars imitate the sleek curves and aerodynamic looks of fighter planes. Matte lamination cuts back reflected light and and provides a smooth deep look.

Autochameleon’s experience shines over our competition through high quality work and confident installation. Wrap your hood, roof, or entire car with SlickSkin wraps to achieve the style and look you desire without the commitment of painting your car and devaluing your investment.

Some of the Most Popular Choices Include:

Carbon: Autochameleon’s 3M Carbon film is simply the best in the market. While this in demand trend has brought a lot of newcomers to the market, only we have the experience and knowledge to bring you a realistic, durable and striking carbon film product.

MatteBlack: 3M takes its premier vehicle wrap vinyl and pigments it jet black at the manufacturing level. Then they laminate this custom roll of material with their best vehicle wrap lamination. The result is a flawless matte (flat) black we call Autochameleon Matte Black.

Satin Black: Satin Black takes everything that’s great about the matte black product but allows for a little bit of shimmer. This is seen as a unique alternative to the matte black; it’s the best of both the gloss and matte black worlds.

Stormtrooper White: For that ultra slick, understated custom look, the Stormtrooper White is the perfect approach to wrapping your vehicle. This specialty film is sleek and strong and gives you that high-end look.

Some additional looks include Gloss Sterling Silver, Matte Grey Aluminum, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Gloss Blue Metallic, Gloss Gold Metallic, Gloss White Aluminum, Matte Silver, Black Carbon Fiber, Gloss Anthracite, Gloss Black Metallic, Matte Dark Grey, Matte Military Green, Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Gold, Brushed Steel, Brushed Titanium, Brushed Steel Blue, Gloss Hot Rod Red, Gloss Dark Red, Gloss Burnt Orange, Gloss Bright Orange, Gloss Sunflower, Gloss Bright Yellow, Gloss Hot Pink, Matte White, & Gloss Intense Blue…

If you are different and want a sleek looking innovative designed Vehicle call for an appointment at 973-684-5945 or request a quote online.